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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is UHS an online school? 


No UHS is a program that provides a variety of options for students to pursue learning.  One of those options is online learning.


Q: What kind of students are in UHS?


There are a variety of students in UHS but they are all bright and talented and looking for a different way to complete high school.


Q: Can students be part of Silver Creek and it's extra-curricular activities?


Yes, students can be as involved as they like in the traditional high school and all it's programs.


Q: How many students are in the program?


Our maximum student load is 35.


Q: What does a typical day look like?


There is no typical day.  Every student's learning plan is individualized. They student's day will have a combination of regular classes, online classes, independent studies, and perhaps college classes.


Q: Do colleges accept the UHS transcript? 


Yes.  Students have been accepted all over the country at all types of universities and colleges.