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Program Design

Orientation Seminar

New students participate in a semester-long Orientation Seminar. Program Essentials are addressed within this introductory class and students begin their first nontraditional learning experience.

Learning Plan

Students take a combination of regular classes, independent studies, on-line, or college classes based on interests and needs. Incoming/new UHS student are able to take one course in an alternative manner. After successfully passing Orientation Seminar, they can choose to take more nontraditional learning experiences.

Weekly Meetings

Students meet weekly with the UHS Program Counselor to review goals and weekly progress, share evidence of learning, and receive help with determining a path to academic success.

There are two UHS rooms at Silver Creek for students to access designed for study and meetings.

Independent Studies

If students choose an independent study they work with a teacher in the district, usually one at Silver Creek. The student and the teacher develop a plan to meet the standards. The student meets weekly with his/her independent study teacher and is scheduled to work on his/her independent study in a UHS room during the school day.

Online Courses

If students choose an on-line class then they sign a contract with UHS that states that UHS will pay for the class up front but if the student does not pass the class then they are responsible to pay UHS the total amount. Students are scheduled into a UHS room to work on the online course.

College Courses

Students can apply for two college classes per semester through the district PSEO program. The student pays for the class up front and if they pass they are reimbursed by the district. Under special circumstances and through an application process students can apply to UHS to pay for special college courses not covered by PSEO.